SH. FANCY was founded in Liaoning in 1982, and grow up in Dalian, that is a famous clothing city with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, on the sea and close of beautiful mountain too, where simple people became earnest and tenacious hard-working clothing  craftsman. The story of SH.FANCY starts here, In 1982, the founder, Liyi, he’s respected as grandfather. Based on the concept of every piece of production it is as his own creatures and the quality his life, Mr. Liyi active innovation and continuous development keeps the factory always upgrading technology with stable quality. In 2000, Steven Li, Mr Liyi’s son, became CEO of the company and  developed the company. Under the fast development of the local and international market, Steven changed the traditional working way collecting the effective resources. Today, SH. FANCY people keep the original intention --- adhering to the craftsman spirit, advancing with times ---developing oversea markets, retributing the society---pursuing sustainable development. We will take market rules as the guidance, seeks the development with the science and technology, strives for the survival by the good quality, gets the benefits from our managements. We will take the good faith as the book ”Sincere person, careful work, precision manufacturing, excellent quality”.

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